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Life Plan Community

What is a Life Plan Community?

Life plan communities, like Wesley Woods at New Albany, are a new kind of senior living community for a new kind of retiree.

The Baby Boomer generation has done things in unique ways their entire lives. Now, that attitude is influencing the retirement community landscape as they look for senior living arrangements. This has given rise to the life plan community, a more active, vibrant, and holistic approach to senior living. The focus has changed from passive care to more active living and planning.

The term “life plan community” came from a research team that found seniors’ interest in retirement communities was waning. They found that retirees didn’t like the old term – continuing care retirement community – and dreaded what they had to offer. This led to an extensive survey of the desires of seniors and what they want from retirement living. Thus, the concept of a life plan community was born.

Keeping Seniors Active

With life plan communities, gone are the days of formal dining rooms, bridge games, and shuffleboard. People are expecting more out of retirement than ever before, and the concept of a life plan community accommodates those expectations. The idea behind this kind of retirement living is a focus on keeping an active, independent lifestyle. Where once a retirement community might offer arts and crafts time followed by an early dinner buffet, a life plan community might offer foreign language classes, archery lessons, and wine tastings. The intent is to give seniors the freedom to grow and allow them access to meaningful activities.

Giving Back to the Community

Another unique aspect of what makes life plan communities different is a focus on community involvement. Giving seniors easy avenues to volunteer opportunities and social responsibility is a vital part of this type of retirement community. Today’s seniors are much more socially conscious than their predecessors. In a life plan community, residents are encouraged to become a vital part of their surrounding population, lending their experience and wisdom where they can. They may offer transportation to volunteer sites, organize community groups, or allow meetings with the population-at-large to be organized. This helps seniors feel more important and fulfilled, and helps keep their minds active.

A Long-Term Plan to Fit Evolving Needs

Life plan communities aren’t all about leading a more active and fulfilling lifestyle. They also allow a senior to have a solid plan in place for their retirement years. They are an investment in the future. A core concept behind this type of retirement community is a realistic and practical approach to the evolving needs of a retiree as they age. A life plan community is a home for seniors through their elder years, offering multiple levels of care on a single campus. This enables a retiree to stay in the same, familiar community as his or her abilities decline and his or her needs increase.

Seniors are more vibrant in health and spirit than ever before. They want to continue planning and living, and to be independent and active. Life plan communities offer today’s seniors a more practical and fulfilling alternative to retirement living.

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