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Senior Housing – Let Go of Responsibilities While Staying Independent

Moving into senior housing or 55+ communities in Columbus, Ohio is a big decision and a massive lifestyle change. Many seniors resist it, equating senior living communities to nursing homes and lost independence. Most retirement communities are active, vibrant places. If you’re thinking about moving into one, you should do so while you can enjoy it. This way, you can maintain your independence and enjoy many other advantages.

Don’t Wait Too Long

Most people hate change—even when it’s positive. Many people think that they don’t need a retirement community because they’re still physically independent. However, health and lifestyle changes can happen in the blink of an eye. A move might be necessary well before you’re “ready.” Waiting too long may narrow your options.

There’s no “ideal time” to move into a senior housing community, but certain factors make it easier. For instance, couples transition more easily than people who move in alone. Knowing your prospective community and the people there is also a big help. Visit alone as well as with family and friends. See if it provides the security that you need and the activities that you want. Ask questions, and build relationships with residents. This will help you feel more at home when you move.

Get Great Individualized Health Care

Health care is a major reason why people move into retirement communities. If you move while still physically independent, your healthcare may be cheaper. You’ll also have more options than you would if you wait until you’re sick or injured. People who do wait that long often end up in facilities that only offer supervised nursing care. Some senior housing communities won’t take residents who have perceived health risks. In contrast, moving while still independent guarantees you a say in your own care.

Answer Financial Questions Now

Our economy is still fluctuating. You and your family shouldn’t wait until there’s a health crisis to talk about senior housing communities. Start researching life plan communities that focus on independent living and preventative care. These can be cheaper than homes that focus on palliative care or chronic illnesses. Start building senior housing funds into your budget. Ask yourself how much money you’ll need to stay safe and happy in your retirement community, and adjust your budget once you move in.

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