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How Life Plan Communities are Changing Retirement


Life after retirement doesn’t have to be a sentence to boredom or hopelessness.

Thanks to forward-thinking baby boomers, the idea of retirement and aging has shifted – people are now retiring younger and healthier.

To ensure seniors get the most out of their retirement years, senior living communities in Columbus, OH are becoming life plan communities. These facilities cater to all aspects of today’s seniors’ active lifestyles, foregoing the depressing, cookie-cutter design of traditional senior care communities.

What Is a Life Plan Community?

Life plan communities are contemporary, enrichment-focused residences that offer the highest quality of life for active, independent seniors. The communities nurture physical, emotional, and mental activity, as well as healthy relationships and habits while offering the highest quality residential, memory, and 24-hour nursing care as it’s needed.

Is a Life Plan Community Right for Me?

Each life plan community is different, many will consist of independent living, assisted living, nursing care and memory care all on one campus, but offer varying types of contracts or agreements.

Type A, or life care, is all-inclusive and comes with unlimited health care as needed at no additional cost. This plan provides higher levels of care at independent living rates, instead of market prices that typically accompany additional care.

Type B or modified, contracts offer a discounted rate for health care when it’s needed for a limited time. On the other hand, the fee-for-service Type C contract calculates fees by services used and are subject to the going rate for that level of care at that time. This contract offers the lowest up-front charges for independent seniors, but charges higher market prices for additional care later, making it difficult to plan financially for the future.

How Are Life Plan Communities Changing Retirement?

Life plan communities offer more customized opportunities to seniors. Residents have time to enjoy their retirement years, participating in activities and hobbies they enjoy, without worrying about the burden and expense associated with homeownership.

The communities also give seniors peace of mind when it comes to caring for the health and personal needs, while still offering an enriching environment.

Life plan communities are a sign of hope for the future of nursing and retirement living. They’re designed to offer the most independence and joy for seniors. Life plan communities, it seems, are rewriting everything we know about retiring.
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