10 Ways to Love Your Brain | Wesley Woods at New Albany

10 Ways to Love Your Brain


If you fail to properly take care of your brain, you may eventually experience problems such as memory loss and stroke. The brain needs both exercise and nourishment to maintain proper function. Try these 10 tips to help you to love your brain and keep it healthy:

  1. Focus on your diet. Healthy foods that are low in saturated fat and cholesterol will promote brain health because they don’t clog the arteries. Clogged arteries block proper blood flow to the brain.
  2. Stay hydrated. Failing to consume adequate fluids can cause dehydration. A dehydrated brain becomes disoriented. Water and other healthy fluids keep the brain sharp.
  3. Stay well-rested. The average amount sleep required for an adult is at least eight hours of every evening. When you don’t get enough sleep, you feel foggy and irritable. Not only does your body feel tired, but your brain can also be exhausted. As a result, you may not be able to think clearly and make important decisions.
  4. Get your exercise. Practicing adequate physical activity keeps the blood flowing to vital organs. Blood carries oxygen to the brain, helping you to think and feel more energized.
  5. Take medications as prescribed. Taking too much of a medication can negatively affect the brain. An excess amount of medication can cause symptoms like dizziness or headaches and can impair judgment.
  6. Stimulate your brain. Brain exercises, such as playing cards, working crossword puzzles and reading, keep your brain active and sharp. Try to focus on stimulating your brain every day.
  7. Limit your alcohol intake. Like too much medication, too much alcohol can cause an impairment of judgment and motor skills. Eventually, this can have negative effects on your brain.
  8. Stop smoking. Smoking causes changes in blood vessels that can impair blood flow. Quitting smoking not only promotes a healthier brain, but can also add years to your life.
  9. Stop worrying so much. Chronic stress be unhealthy for the brain. Stress relievers include walking, listening to music, watching a funny television show and getting enough rest.
  10. Spend time with others. Spending too much time alone is not good for the brain. Loneliness often leads to internal sadness and depression. Get together with friends and have some fun as much as possible!