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10 Best Exercises To Do With Your Neighbors

Exercise is one way that you can bond with your neighbors whether you are helping your fellow homeowners with downsizing by removing clutter and unwanted items from a home or going for a leisurely stroll.


If you are seeking tips on how you can exercise with your neighbors, check out these 10 best exercises to do with your neighbors:


  1. Organize a daily neighborhood walk. Nothing gets the blood pumping better than taking a walk during the cool of the morning. Anyone in the neighborhood can join in, and the walk doesn’t have to be long or brisk to be effective.


  1. Garden together. Gardening works the large and small muscles. Digging in the soil, planting, pulling weeds and reaping the harvest are all exercises that neighbors can do together.


  1. Go for a swim. If you and your neighbors like to swim, organize a pool party. Relax and chat by the pool and then swim a couple of laps to work those muscles and burn some calories.


  1. Get in line and dance. Line dancing is one of the most fun activities seniors can do. Whether you freestyle or carefully choreograph your routine, line dancing to your favorite music will bring a smile to your face and help you feel younger.


  1. Attend a tai chi class. Tai chi moves are slow and intentional and will help you improve your balance and strengthen your muscles.


  1. Sit down and get fit. Most people can do chair exercises. If you have problems with balance or tire easily from more strenuous activities, pull up some chairs with a group of friends and stretch and bend to your heart’s content.


  1. Kick it with low-impact aerobics. Low-impact aerobics can be a fun group activity, and you can burn calories while participating in an exercise that is easy on the joints.


  1. Take a hike. Pack a picnic basket and hit the trail. There’s no need to go to the mountains. Choose a park or greenway near your home with trails that are challenging enough for a workout, without the threat of wild animals and rough terrain.


  1. Play a few holes of golf. Even if you ride a golf cart, you’ll get some movement in when it’s your turn to hit your ball. Swinging your clubs and reaching down to retrieve your ball will also benefit your body.


  1. Ease into yoga. The stretches, poses, and meditation will relax your mind and strengthen your muscles.