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How to: Declutter Your Space

If it takes you hours to find important papers or decide what you want to wear, maybe it’s time for you to think about decluttering your space. Clutter is one of

those things that catches up with you because it tends to creep until it takes over. You stack a few magazines in a corner and before you know it you have a pile that’s spilling out into the floor. The same happens with that drawer that you use to hide those odds and ends that you can’t part with. Pretty soon it is brimming with junk and hard to close without a good shove.

Many homeowners procrastinate when it comes to clearing out clutter. If you are recently retired, your retirement provides more free time for downsizing and getting rid of things you don’t need. Consider the following tips for downsizing your belongings and getting rid of that annoying clutter.

Break Clutter-busting Down into Manageable Tasks

One of the problems with getting rid of clutter is that it gets so out of control that it becomes overwhelming. It’s easier to put off dealing with it until a day that never comes. That’s why you should start small. Rather than taking everything out of the closet, only to get frustrated and put it all back, start with a category of clothing.

If you have more sweaters than you need, pull the sweaters out first and decide what you would like to keep, what looks nice enough to give away and what can be thrown away. Return the sweaters that you decide to keep back to the closet and get the rest out of your house ASAP. Take this approach with various items in your closet and before long you will have your closet organized.

Take the same approach if you have drawers of batteries, old credit cards, pens and similar items that seem to get tossed into drawers. Cut up the credit cards into small pieces and throw them away. Discard outdated batteries and other small items. If you have a jewelry box or drawer, get rid of broken pieces. Earn some extra cash by selling old gold or silver jewelry that you know longer wear.

Your kitchen may be another area that’s ready for purging. The kitchen tends to attract all types of clutter such as disposable plastic containers and plastic utensil packets from restaurants. Grab a garbage bag or recycling bin and get rid of these space wasters.