Fall Bucket List to Complete with Your Grandkids | Wesley Woods

Fall Bucket List to Complete with Your Grandkids

Fall is right around the corner. And soon, you’ll walk outside to crisp chilly air, leaves of all different colors and the smell of delicious fall foods. The grandkids may be back to school, but, no matter what the case may be, we have the perfect fall bucket list for you. Below you’ll see our list that includes the best fall activities that people of all ages can complete!

Painting Pumpkins

This is all the fun, without the danger that carving pumpkins presents. So, this activity is great for all ages. For the best painting results, use acrylic paint and have a combination of sponges and different size brushes.  Or, if you’re really feeling adventurous, take things outside and make it a finger painting activity!

Collect Fall Leaves

This season brings a beautiful array of colors. Take your grandkids around the block to pick out their favorite fall leaves in all different shades. Fall leaves are fun to frame too. If you want to take the activity a step further, frame the leaves, add the date and you’ll be left with a fun keepsake.

No-bake Pumpkin Pie

We know your grandkids love helping in the kitchen. But, staying away from the stove with a little one can be tricky, especially when baking. Not to worry, there are delicious recipes for no-bake pumpkin pie, a classic fall favorite. Check out this one from AllRecipes, and get to stirring!

Create Fall Wreaths

This is a fun craft for a chilly afternoon. You can go to the craft store, or rummage through old decorations in your basement for items to put around the wreath. And, you can even make the wreath fame by bending two wire hangers. Your grandkids will enjoy creating this masterpiece, and your door will have new décor.

Attend a Game

Do your grandkids play fall sports? If so, this is a perfect time to attend a game and cheer them on. It’s not too hot, and not too cold. If they don’t play fall sports, then taking the grandkids to a high school football game in the area can be just as enjoyable.

Keep this list handy for all the fun fall days with your grandkids, just add warm apple cider and they will be all set! Warning: they might not want to go back home.