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Staying Fit Through Retirement

Staying fit and healthy through retirement can be a challenge. Many of us find a routine during our career that works for our health goals. But, what about when this routine is flipped upside down? You may think that you’ll have more time, so this couldn’t possibly pose a problem, right? Wrong, when you fall out of routine you’re at risk to decrease your activity levels.

Being retired, it’s important to focus on increasing your activities of daily life. Or, the activities that you do throughout the day, that you don’t count as your workout. This could be walking from the car into the grocery store, or doing your laundry. These activities will increase your daily caloric expenditure, which can decrease after retirement.

It’s also important to plan ahead. When will you work out? What exercises will you do? Answering these questions will accomplish a few different things. First, setting a time will hold you accountable to go. It can be easy when retired to have the, ‘I have all day,’ mindset. And, setting your workout routine will make it easier once you start working out. You’ll be less likely to quit or cut the workout short.

Lastly, setting a goal will get you going on the days you would rather not. Do you want to get stronger? Leaner? Or, do you want to decrease your stress levels? Despite what your goal is, it’s important to write it down and refer to it when you are feeling sluggish. It can allow you to think long term and excel, despite your mood.

Adjusting to retirement can be tough. And, staying fit through retirement can be tougher. But, with increasing your activities of daily life, planning and setting goals, you can excel!

What work outs have you tried since your retirement?