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Older Man With WWII Collection

Resident Story Tellers: Andy Kendall Shares His Story

By: Ayanna Thomas

Fairly new to the Wesley Woods at New Albany Community, resident Andy Kendall shares his story of a life full of traveling, collecting historic memorabilia, his career and making Wesley Woods at New Albany the place he calls home.

There’s No Place like Home

Dorothy said it best—there is no place like home. Before making Wesley Woods his home, Andy, an avid collector, lived in a 3,500 sq. ft. home full of historic memorabilia. Transitioning would be hard, but with the help of Colleen Krupp, Marketing Coordinator for Wesley Woods at New Albany, his decision to move was eased when she introduced him to Downsize with a Heart. They assisted him in ensuring that his most loved pieces had a special place in his new home, and the rest was history.

The Beginning: College and Making Memories

Not too far from his hometown, Andy attended Rutgers University in New Jersey. He tells us he enjoyed playing lacrosse, “I wasn’t much good, but I had fun.” Little did he know, later in life he would attend the Ohio State vs. Rutgers lacrosse game and be invited into the locker room to meet the team and coaching staff. He even went home with the game ball which has a special place in his home at Wesley Woods. But Lacrosse wouldn’t be the only thing he loved at Rutgers, there Andy met his wife of 62 years, later becoming a father of two.


Kendall retired from the Air Force as a Colonel and North American Aviation as an Airborne Test Engineer. He remembers bringing in donuts every Friday. “I don’t think any work could get done until I came with the donuts,” he stated. He also enjoyed spending time with various civic groups and students at COSI while lecturing on events in aircraft flight testing.


Well-traveled, Andy Kendall; when asked “where have you been,” he chuckled, “everywhere.” He then, went on to explain, “The only places we didn’t go were South Africa, Ireland, and Portugal.” But, his personal favorite was New Zealand. He explained that it is the only place you can go visit ski resorts and tropical oceans. He and his wife often took river cruises through the countries they visited.

Just for fun

Andy finds himself spending his days reading; especially newspapers, National Geographic and Air Force magazines. He explained, “They keep me up to date.” Making time to visit Motts Military Museum and the Air Force Museum is what he enjoys most. But if you’re looking for Andy, you’ll typically find him in the Bistro, sipping his morning coffee surrounded by friends at Wesley Woods at New Albany.

We are glad to have Andy call Wesley Woods at New Albany home.  With friends right next door, having family in for the holidays, or just relaxing with your pet—there truly is no place like home!