"This Is My Home" - Jerry Shares His Thoughts on Life at Wesley Woods at New Albany | Wesley Woods at New Albany

“This Is My Home” – Jerry Shares His Thoughts on Life at Wesley Woods at New Albany

Jerry Krumdieck came to Wesley Woods at New Albany in 2017 after his wife of 44 years unfortunately passed away. Before moving, Jerry lived in a 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom home in Gahanna and while he loved his neighbors and of course, his home, he began to feel a real sense of loneliness. He and his Bengal cat, Henry, shared the entire house and it started to be a lot of upkeep.

Previously, Jerry and his wife looked at many retirement communities. None of them seemed to be what they were looking for, and they didn’t see themselves living the fulfilling lives they wanted to once they reached retirement. That was until Jerry met Emily Smith-Conlon, a marketing representative from Wesley Woods at New Albany at the Gahanna Senior Center and learned about our community. Interestingly enough, Jerry was familiar with The Wesley Communities as his wife’s step-grandfather was one of the first residents of Wesley Glen Retirement Community, a sister community of Wesley Woods. Although Jerry was somewhat hesitant and unsure about making a move, he agreed to meet with Emily again. During his visit, our community was still in the development stages, but just by the drawings, Jerry said, “I fell in love.” After speaking with Emily, he also met with The Wesley Communities’ CEO, Peg Carmany, and after their encounter, he was sold. Jerry officially moved into his villa in May of 2017 and said it became home almost instantly.

Jerry comes from a past career in the food services industry and even held the position of Director of Dining Services at First Community Village in Columbus. Being very knowledgeable about retirement community dining operations, it was important for him to find a community to live with exceptional meal options and superior dining services. If you ask him, he’d tell you he found it at Wesley Woods. Jerry frequently pays his compliments and thanks to our dining staff, and raves about Executive Chef, Jim Bline, and the creativity Jim brings to our menus. “Jim is wonderful, it is clear that Wesley Woods hired someone highly qualified for the job and we are so lucky to have him,” Jerry said.

For all of our residents, the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been easy, but for Jerry, it hasn’t made him question his decision or change his views of where he chose to call home. He explained, “The staff has been really great. I have heard many of them say that they don’t go out to eat and they stay in their houses when outside of work because they care about us and don’t want to bring the virus here. It’s reassuring that we are cared for that much.” Jerry said that being here at Wesley Woods during this situation has made him feel really safe. “If I would have been at home during this, I would have been scared to death. Here, we have guidance and we are always informed in a timely manner,” he said.

Jerry is very active on our campus. He participates in a variety of life enrichment opportunities and leads many groups, including the Food and Dining Forum. Whether he is praising our dining team, admiring the natural light in his villa from the numerous windows (which he loves!) or sending minutes to other residents from a recent meeting, Jerry said he’s never, ever been unhappy here. “This is my home,” he expressed.