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Tips For Selecting A Senior Living Floor Plan

You’ve Decided on a Senior Living Community,

Now, How Do You Pick the Floor Plan That’s Right for You?

Finding a senior living community that meets your personal requirements and interests can be challenging. With a variety of choices out there, the process can be long and, in some cases, overwhelming. That being said, using the resources around you, especially the marketing departments of the communities that interest you (like ours at Wesley Woods at New Albany) can oftentimes ease concerns and simplify the process, making the final decision a little easier.
Once you’ve selected the community of your liking, it’s time to celebrate and pick the apartment that will represent your ideal forever home. Communities like Wesley Woods at New Albany have a variety of floor plans that fit your needs and open your world to endless options.
Pick out the perfect layout for you by using our floor plan tips!
1) Evaluate Your Belongings While Downsizing
Many times, the quantity of “stuff” in your current home can be a big deciding factor on how much space you will need in your new home. Start the organizing process early and evaluate your items. If possible, downsize your home for retirement by getting rid of household items that you know you won’t need with you when you move. By having a good understanding of how much space you’re seeking, you can scale down the floor plan options that will be most appropriate for you.
2) Identify the Types of Rooms That Are Most Important to You
Is having more than one bathroom critical for your new home? Or maybe you plan to have your grandchildren regularly visit you and if so, an additional guest bedroom is needed. By identifying the types of rooms in your new space that are most important to you, you can focus on the floor plans that meet these requirements instead of spending time filtering through options that simply don’t match up.
3) Explore Apartment Layout Options
At Wesley Woods at New Albany, our senior living floor plans are flexible. Two-bedrooms can serve as two-bedrooms – or the second bedroom can be transformed into a study or an office space. Similarly, the open concept of most of our layouts will allow your creativity to soar and help you tailor the space to make it feel like home. Talk with the marketing department at your chosen senior living community to see some options for layout styles and, if possible, tour some current residents’ apartments to see how each added a unique touch to their home.
4) Consider Community Accessibility
Once you’ve narrowed down the list of floor plans that interest you most, the final determining factor may be accessibility to other areas of the community. Many of our residents selected their apartments based on their hobbies and interests. Do you want to be close to the cardio fitness room? Or maybe you plan to participate in our life enrichment opportunities and so, you may consider being closer to the art studio. Taking some time to evaluate what interests you most can also, in many cases, help you make your final decision with confidence.
Choose The Beautifully Appointed, Accommodation-Rich Floor Plan That Is Right For You
Selecting a senior living community may be stressful for some but selecting the floor plan that’s right for you is an exciting time and the start of a new chapter in life! Using the tips above and communicating with the senior living community’s team will help you choose the forever home that’s perfect for you!
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