Two-Part Virtual Downsizing Seminar with Samantha Stearns, Owner of Songbird Transitions | Wesley Woods at New Albany

Samantha Stearns, Owner of Songbird Transitions will join us for a two-part virtual downsizing seminar.

PART ONE: Pre-Recorded Virtual Floorplan Showcase – Step into our community
without stepping in! Samantha will share our beautiful and spacious Dogwood apartment while reviewing potential furniture layouts to demonstrate how to make a new space your own. You will receive a link to view the video at your leisure prior to Part Two on September 2nd.

PART TWO: Virtual Seminar September 2, 2020 @ 2:00 p.m. – Log-on to recap the Virtual Floorplan Showcase, receive additional tips and tricks, and participate in a live Q&A with Samantha from Songbird Transitions and Emily from Wesley Woods at New Albany.

RSVP by calling (614) 924-0032 or by filling out the form below.

Register by August 24th to receive an email including the link to the pre-recorded Virtual Floorplan Showcase by Samantha, and to let us know if you plan to log-on for the Virtual Seminar on September 2nd.

Can’t attend? Send us your contact information and we will send you the link to the Virtual Floorplan Showcase.

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